What We Are about
 The owner, Chuck Stewart, retired from 30 years of ministry.  He has returned to his roots of working with animals.  Chuck grew up on a ranch east of Prescott Arizona.  After graduating from the U of A in animal science, Chuck worked in the cattle feeding industry for 10 years before starting Calvary Chapel Christian School in El Centro Ca.
Awesome Grazers operate in San Diego County.  We use a herd of 10 to 15 goats to clear easements, fire breaks, yards, areas around homes, and businesses
Why It's a Good Idea
Livestock Gaurd  Dog
 It takes teamwork to get the job done.  As goats work eatting your vegitation.  A gaurd dog is on 24hr duty keeping watch over his herd.  The Shepherd is depending on the dog to keep preditors away from the herd.
Goats are increasing in popularity for clearing unwanted and invasive brush for many reasons.  Areas in the southwest are using goats for fire prevention and goats can work in areas where people cannot, like steep hills and near protected areas.
What will it Cost?
Fun Activity For All
Daily rate $10/ adult goats $5/small or baby goats.
setup fee to be included
Take time to just watch goats doing their thing. They are truly awesome. They jump and play always on the move until it is time to rest and chew their cud.